1. Colombo - Factory Cafe

    Date 24 Jan 2013
    I was commissioned by  The Factory Cafe to photograph all their Tea products this week. If you want to try some amazing teas go to The Factory Cafe on Umbillo Road and try something from their amazing selection.

  2. Traditional South Africa

    Date 10 Jan 2013
    A mix of images taken on various personal & commissioned projects of the traditional side of South Africa. The South African culture in itself is a mix of vibrant traditions, patterns, ideals and people. Through my journey as a photographer in this country I have been exposed to a lot…

  3. Aberdeen - Karoo

    Date 13 Oct 2012
    Long dry sunny day trip from town to town becomes longer with each hour that passes until the sun starts to set and cast a mixture of purple and orange haze over the horizon while in the backseat the start of a babies cry rings in our ears keeping ourtired…

  4. Nondumiso Tembe - Black Gold

    Date 26 Jun 2012
    “Born in Durban, South Africa, popular, multi-award winning Actress/Singer-Songwriter/Dancer Nondumiso Tembe is well on her way to becoming one of Africa’s brightest international stars. Raised in New York City, where her parents were the first black South Africans to study Music at the prestigious Juilliard School, Tembe is the daughter…

  5. Durban Street Fashion

    Date 15 Jun 2012
    A series of portraits taken on the streets of Durban. This was originally a personal project where I walked the streets to photograph some of the more interesting / trendy people in the city. The project later got used as apart of my exhibition for the Afrovibes UK & NL festival. …

  6. Walking the Streets Video

    Date 02 Nov 2011
    A follow up from my blog called Walking the Streets. Most people read one persons opinion on their side of the story, once my time with Archie had come to an end I wanted to hear his thoughts and opinions and the best way to do this was through a…

  7. Walking the Streets - Full Story

    Date 31 Oct 2011
    “We are all connected by the street. The moving of light through pathways is like the movement of our eyes that follow down alleyways’ as we drive through the city.We see the street people, we think we know where they come from but we truthfully don’t.” This project was my first…

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