Nelisa & Norman

Nelisa & Norman Wedding Day 15/02/2014

Norman is a man of few words and Nelisa is a woman who knows what she wants and no afraid to say it! This couple was great, they were the perfect compliment to each other. Their wedding day was set at the Ballito Boutique Hotel on a scorching summers day which allowed the guys to waste no time in cracking open the beers while the ladies took their time in getting themselves ready. A lot of people see weddings ad something to stress out about and there is all this pressure but its truly amazing when you find a couple who are just themselves at their wedding and are there to enjoy themselves and the time with their friends and family. This wedding was all about their love for each other and it showed.

I really loved the creative shoot with this one as the colours of the couples outfit and the background gelled perfectly together and created an almost art like painting of the couple.

Congrats to the both of you and all the best Nelisa & Norman!

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