This year I have started working with Durban municipality Ethekwini in creating imagery for their creative agency to use in a new ad campaign that will be release gradually throughout the end of this year and 2016.

Ethekwini has taken me to various locations around the Durban area photographing the progress of the townships as well as drought stricken dams that are causing water restrictions throughout the city.

With every shoot done for Ethekwini it has been of a on the fly documentary nature so I have only been equipped with my camera and one speed light.

Here are some of the images from the local townships.

New ablution blocks being installed, these are just two of many more being installed in townships across the city’s.

The city has been very proactive in health and have installed numerous outdoor gym facilities in the rural areas for those who can’t afford a gym subscription.

Upgraded RDP housing & a new low cost rent buildings for the underprivileged 

The city has also put a big amount of resources into bringing water to the townships in the form of central water outlets that residents can use to collect water.

Construction and maintenance is also of importance to the city.

And then there is the people of the city, the citizens and security keeping everyone safe.

One of he days shooting for Ethekwini I was tasked with photographing the Hazelmere Dam as it had reached an all time low of 15% water capacity and would causing water restrictions so the municipality needed imagery to express the importance of saving water to all citizens in the surrounding area.

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